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Hi. Welcome to my blog, I am glad you are here.
I am a graduate student in the beautiful, mountainous Pacific Northwest. I have many interests and develop new ones daily. Currently I am interested in melanoma because I just had one removed from my shin and it is being biopsied. That is kind of a forced interest – but a large one. I have a daughter who is about to get married, so I am also interested about how to have a great wedding at a minimal cost. I like art and writing and am particularly interested in what goes on in the mind of the artist and/or writer. I make jewelry and like to focus jewelry pieces on ideas, or famous artworks – jewelry homages. I have a BA in Humanities with a focus on Culture, Ecology and Sustainability and lately I cringe every time I see the huge oil spill or learn about great corporate green-washing. The most recent green-wash that has me up in arms is the Coca-Cola green-wash. They have developed a recyclable bottle that is 30% plant based. Sounds nice – but the plants grow somewhere – in this case Brazil, where they still use up valuable resources and are most likely mono-cropped. In addition, 3 liters of water are required for every 1 liter of Coca-Cola product. I could go on and on – and probably will in this blog.


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