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May 31, 2010 / Lemons and Roses

A Recycling Idea From Make Magazine – Save the Oceans!

The Great Pacific Trash Pile – (The Pacific Gyre)

Today I was going to post a picture of the wedding inspiration board  made by using the Dessy/Pantone site from yesterday’s post, however, I seem to lack the skills to transfer the design board from that site to here. I found another wedding design site to write about tomorrow. In the meantime – anytime is a good time to think about ways to recycle trash – especially the plastic bottles that end up in the pacific gyre, a mass of trash double the size of Texas that exists in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California. Read more about the pacific gyre here: Perhaps it would be fun to think of ways to recycle at weddings – yeah – totally unromantic, but think about it, a wedding is a one time event – lots of potential for waste. Some how I can’t help but think how my subconscious thinking about marriage is playing into this post – recycling, waste, a gyre in the middle of the ocean that holds and traps, a massive amount of garbage (no doubt from the past). Okay, well, I should probably end the verbiage . The following is an excellent idea from  Make Online Magazine (

Save My Oceans Contest Inspiration: Plastic Bottle Organizer

from MAKE Magazine by Rachel Hobson

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plastic bottle magazine rack

Our Save my Oceans contest is slowly winding down, and for a little last-minute inspiration, I’ll share this wall organizer made from discarded plastic bottles. There were some fantastic ideas for workshop organization in the Make Time and Space series, and I was especially wowed with this set up that re-used all kinds of plastic containers. Perhaps this water bottle wall organizer could work in with that same organizational system. The project shows magazines and newspapers rolled and stored inside, but I’m thinking you could also use it to store tools. What else?

Be sure to check out our main contest page and join our Flickr group, and also sign up for the Save My Oceans contest newsletter (there is just one issue remaining, but it will have some really great stuff from Maker Faire) for your chance to win an iPad.

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