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May 29, 2010 / Lemons and Roses

Wedding Planning – Kill Bill Style? You Can Do It!

Two Pines: A beautiful wedding chapel – a gorgeous bride –  an unfortunate ending.  Better luck with your wedding!

In my previous post, I discussed my daughter’s wedding. In return, Jessica (my daughter) left the very first comment on my blog – Thanks Jess! ♥ In her comment, Jessica mentioned the Pantone colors from My Personal Artist’s blog that she prefers for her wedding. While I find beauty in the muffled desolation of Two Pines (and also many commonalities between marriage and muffled desolation), my daughter is more of a happy-go-lucky girl (thank goodness), and will be getting married on the beach in Yachats, OR.  In my attempts to be a useful mother to a headstrong, fashion forward, and lovely young woman, I have found some great wedding planning tools and will be using them to make another posting later this weekend. I am listing the tools so that you can play with them too! Please feel free to comment with your creations and I will post them to my blog – leave your blog address, site address or any other info you wish to share so that I can give you credit for your creations. This is a great site from Pantone and Dessy – it allows you to choose Pantone colors and add pictures from your photo files to coordinate a wedding – fun fun! Here you can choose from different skin types, hair styles and colors, dress styles and colors and accessories – you could be here for a long time. The colors on this site are limited, however, if you use the site I have listed below, you can add different color codes for an almost unlimited palette! – Use this site to add hundreds of color choices to the Wedding Dress Creator above.

Happy wedding planning and I will be back shortly with my creation!

Kill Bill Chapel Photo found at :


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  1. John Rocket / Mar 31 2012 10:07 pm

    This is actually the Calvary Baptist Church in Hi Vista, California.

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