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May 27, 2010 / Lemons and Roses

Wedding Color Trends 2010. My Daughter is Getting Married!

My daughter recently announced that she is getting married. She has decided that for the wedding she wants to rent a large beach house, with room for her friends. In addition, she doesn’t want to have bridesmaids or a Maid of Honor. Or, more close to the fact, she wants all of her friends to be bridesmaids, and no single friend to be a bridesmaid. She doesn’t want to pick a favorite to be the Maid of Honor. All of her friends are her favorite. I have been looking into wedding trends and colors for 2010. One of the things I do is make jewelry and this year I have noticed a trend towards cocoa brown, watermelon pink and moss green when future brides are purchasing jewelry for their bridesmaids. Part of me thinks this is a plot on the part of the bride. Find colors as equally horrid as the taffeta gowns the unfortunate maids are often required to wear so the lovely bride won’t be upstaged. (Jessica, I am glad you are allowing your bridesmaids to maintain their dignity)

Searching for trends I found this blog: It is a gorgeous site that has tons of info – info you might have to search several different sites to find – all in one place! I have cut and pasted color information from Michelle’s blog below.

Spring / Summer 2010 Color Trends From My Personal Artist

I spend endless hours researching color trends a year in advance. The colors posted above have been shown in numerous postings online! I am delighted to see CORAL coming back! Teal and sky blue are among my favorites also!

We will be adding on to this page constantly as we see trends change here at *my personal artist* and in the wedding market! Michelle truly LOVES creating inspiration boards. Enjoy!!!

wedding  colors 2010



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  1. Jes Sweet / May 27 2010 6:01 pm

    I think we have decided to make our last names one. So we will be Sweetbriar. And I like the colors Pantone 266c and 562c and 317 c.

    • obscureclaire / May 29 2010 10:22 pm

      I like Sweetbriar. I am putting together a wedding palette in your colors. Stay Tuned!

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